Our Data

Demand for ‘meaningful’ data to aid strategic business purposes is fast rising. With years of advanced integration and matching capabilities pumped into each bit, Ex-Im presents the world’s exporters and importers an option to exploit the smartest ‘built to serve’ Big Data Architecture.

Data Source

Where do we get the trade data from?

In a world interconnected by devices and databases, the challenge is not information. It’s ‘sensible’ information, which is less of a commodity and more than just remotely relevant to your business. To ensure only the most accurate and appropriate information is shared through our cloud-based platform, our hyper-customised built-in data vaults fetch only the most optimised and segmented information - from dozens of public and private data sources - that is suited for consumption of the everyday exporter and importer.

Do we expel irrelevant data from our pipeline?

Certainly! We understand that every data point related to exports-imports may not be relevant to your business. With Ex-Im, we help you battle the challenge of avoiding wasteful overprovisioning and enhances capacity building in groups or individual reports whenever needed. What you are finally served is an enterprise-class solution to drive your export-import business forward.


How is Ex-Im delivered?

Ex-Im was created with a purpose to add meaning to Big Data and present it before the world’s EXIM community to enable them to derive the maximum business utility out of it at an optimum cost to them. It was also created with an aim to delivery exactness in DaaS and SaaS as an inexpensive platform. Which is why, unlike many other providers who promise delivery of analytics-based solutions in hybrid formats and platforms (standalone sheets plus other form of diverse web and downloadable tools), Ex-Im delivers the bouquet of its data solutions through a single piece of cloud-based software and information system. While this maximises our license holders’ human investment ROI, it also maximizes their infrastructure investment ROI. The objective is to deliver instant, timely and secure access to critical processed information on foreign trade to all our license holders at competitive prices and in the simplest of ways.


Buyer / Importer Profiles


Shipments Evaluated Using AI-Driven Codes


Seller / Exporter Profiles

Deduplication and Data streamlining

How do billions of rows of ‘mass’ data turn ‘useful’?

It’s a tricky process. Not because we have complicated sets of algorithms fighting the battle against billions of redundant data points for us, but because it’s a trade secret which we’d like to keep within our walls. However, since you must be wondering, let’s just say, the data sets are cleaned and made more relevant to our license holders in a scientific fashion. It’s more like the data sets evolving with each automated and human-enabled step to suit the requirements of our license holders.

Do we ‘actually’ have humans working with robots on Ex-Im?

The science involves a mix of man and machine. While we engage a highly qualified and well-trained Trade Intelligence team, the machine bit includes usage of powerful cloud and captive architecture, advanced matching capabilities, and Artificial Intelligence-driven, human logic-driven and probability-driven mapping formulae. Let’s just say we have some very smart humans working on very smart machines and codes to discover and identify obvious and not-so-obvious secrets hidden in shiploads of ‘Big Data’, with a single purpose of delivering an unbeatable combined platform of Data as a Service (DaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) called Ex-Im.