About Us

We are tech-driven. We are young. We are brilliant. And we are proud of the shifts we are putting in to create, design, develop, innovate and re-innovate for the folks who matter when it comes to all the talk about globalisation and making the so-called flat world go round.

Ex-Im.com – It’s that simple. That basic. That’s how easy it sounds and is to use our hyperengine loaded with truckloads of formulae that stitch shiploads of information on exports and imports to offer what we called the most advanced trade analytics platform available to exporters and importers in the world.

We ensure our users are backed up by informatics-driven facts to run their everyday EXIM businesses – better, wiser, faster and bigger.

Effective, efficient, and more informed decision-makers – that’s our clientele.

Our goal is to help our users create optimised supply chains that leverage trade analytics to provide them a competitive advantage in the fast-changing world of trade. We drill down deep into the trading patterns of buyers and sellers based on a multitude of parameters, to give our users both a macro and micro view of supply-demand trends across the world.

We ensure our users get a deeper understanding of buyer-supplier requirements as well as better insights into export-import markets and supply chains. This not only helps them cater better to their buyers’ demands but helps them better manage their global sourcing needs, while giving them greater flexibility and capabilities to react to competition.

We are a one-stop technology solution in exports-imports, accessible on-the-fly, carefully designed and crafted to cater to everyone associated with foreign trade. We leverage the power of technology and Big Data to provide our users meaningful information or insights (which may otherwise be hidden within large volumes of data) that help them drive desired outcomes, such as optimisation of resources, cost savings, customer engagement, etc. and expand their global footprint.

We are young. And agile as a company. But our platform stands firmly on the foundation of years of on-the-ground experience of our architects in the foreign trade business.

A buyer-seller business search, dissection and analysis tool made for the future – that’s what www.ex-im.com serves on a platter. All you need is a computer device and a simple Internet connection to become an enterprise that cares about its future in foreign trade by using a near perfect and easy-to-decipher actionable trade intelligence tool.

And here’s the sweetest bit. We repeat – we are young, have a top-of-the-class software and evolution is in our blood! With www.ex-im.com, you’ll never find yourself hunting for the next best in global trade information and analysis technology.

That’s as much about us. It’s time you tell us something about your business too. We’d love to hear from you. Hit the Contact Us button on our home page and we will e-meet.

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